CW Erbium Broadband source for optical sensing applications



CW Erbium broadband source for optical measurement systems

CEBS series stands for Continuous Erbium Broadband Source and is designed for broad and flat spectral range operation up to 1 W of total output power. Easy to use with the intuitive front panel and no maintenance this source is a perfect tool.

A broadband source is essential into optical component characterization, optical measurement systems or optical sensing.

The CEBS Lumibird broadband source is designed for an extensive and flat spectral range operation up to 1W of total power. This is possible because the optical gain is filtered and flattened to achieve the widest spectral operation with minimum power variation across the spectrum.

Also, the source is available in linear or random polarization respectively high or low degree of polarization.

Finally, these products are proposed in Friendly-user stand alone instruments with front panel and RS232 controls. Like all Lumibird devices, this laser source does not require maintenance. The all fiber design allows you to start it and to forget it, focussing yourself therefore on your experimentation and the results.

What Applications

  • Optical component characterization
  • Optical measurement systems
  • Optical sensing

Broadband Source Key Features

  • High output power density (>+13 dBm/nm)
  • Flattened output power spectrum
  • High spectral stability
  • Linear or random polarization
  • User-friendly turnkey benchtop
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