[CEFA-C-MP-SPIDERLITE] Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers with multiple output ports


Continuous Erbium Fiber Amplifier C-Band multi-port

SPIDERLITE series Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers are high reliability, high power amplifiers with multiple output ports. They are optimized for use in analog and single channel digital applications.

The optical engine combines high output power with low noise figure and low analog signal
distorsion. Various output splitting ratios are available with up to 64 output ports depending on the type platform choosen.

The Spiderlite amplifiers are packaged in module or rack. Ultra-compact modules in MSA
format have up to 8 output ports with 21 dBm per port. A larger module can accomodate up to 32 ports with 19 dBm per port. The rack can be configured with up to 64 ports with 16 dBm per port.

Easy supervision and remote control is allowed thanks to SNMP V2c implementation in the
rack. In addition, a web server (option) is available for fast and easy supervision or software ugrading through any web browser. Parameters for diagnostics or operational requirements can be selected via the front panel on a large LCD display or in RS232 link.

What Applications

  • Broadband/video distribution
  • Digital communication
  • FTTx / CATV networks

Erbium Fiber Amplifier Key Features

  • High power 1550 nm amplifier
  • Multiple ports (up to 64)
  • Several power configurations per port (64×16 dBm, 32×19 dBm, 16×21 dBm, 8×21 dBm…)
  • Low noise figure
  • Low analog signal distorsion (CNR, CSO, CTB)
  • Low power consumption (over the entire operating temperature range)
  • Ultra-compact module or highly sophisticated rack
  • Network management interface based on SNMP V2c (rack only)
  • Web server option (rack only)
  • Redundant backup of hot pluggable power supply (rack only)
  • High speed remote maintenance service (rack only)
  • High reliability
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