CW Erbium Broadband Source

CW ErbiumBroadband Sources

CEBS family

Keopsys developed this original continuous broadband source with 4 different models from 0,1 to 1W output power. The broadband fiber source offers a high gain flatness over a wide optical spectrum.

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In brief continuous broadband source

Keopsys offers this continuous broadband source designed and engineered to deliver a broad spectrum. From 1529-1562nm, the source provides a flat output power over the range. Therefore, the optical gain is filtered and flattened to achieve the minimum power variation across the spectrum.

Optical performance

Up to 1W with linear or random polarization, the broadband fiber source offers an excellent gain flatness over all the spectrum. To avoid any optical damages, units are isolated with a very high-level isolator.


The friendly user and stand-alone benchtop allows driving the device directly from the front face. Automated tests and measurements, optical sensing, testing are achievable with this reliable source.

On request

Should you have a specific requirement for a broadband fiber source, our custom department will be pleased to provide you a complete and original solution.