Pulsed Thulium Fiber Laser

Pulsed ThuliumFiber Laser

PTFL family

Keopsys proposes a lightweight pulsed thulium laser which delivers high energy and high peak power in a very compact package. Especially design to be used in the field, discover what is unique with this pulsed Thulium fiber laser.

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In brief pulsed Thulium laser

Since more than one-decade Keopsys designs and commercializes this compact and standard pulsed Thulium laser. The Pulsed Thulium fiber laser presents a small FIT because it integers proved optical components from the market and also some which are home-made on purpose. This robust and reliable Thulium fiber laser is mainly used for on-board applications, as 3D scanning or telemetry on an UAV.

Optical parameters

Thulium fiber laser proposes a broad range of wavelengths from 1900 to 2050nm. These wavelengths are particularly useful for atmospheric transmission applications because the attenuation is very low. This pulsed Thulium fiber laser is a powerful tool for harsh environment applications by delivering up to 15µJ and high peak powers.


Lightweight is the key word for this OEM module with its 200g. The minuscule platform is vibrations and shocks tested. It finds its place quickly in a lot of systems. This module is monitorable with an analog signal, and a TTL interface allows to send the external trigger.

Free maintenance

There is no need to maintain this robust pulsed Thulium laser. It is very resistant to cold or hot temperature operations enabling it to be used in the field.

Special request

Should you have a particular interest for this pulsed Thulium fiber laser, or need an unconventional functionality, contact us, our custom and R&D departments are there to give you a fast and accurate answer. We can also propose you to try the unit.