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Technical Support and after-sales service

Technical Support and After-SalesService

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We are evolving our offer of technical support and after-sales service to increase your satisfaction:

Our products are designed and manufactured in order to work for long periods of time. Our goal is to offer great customer satisfaction, therefore our products come with a one-year warranty. Our service team can repair your unit over a period of ten years.

Technical support:

Should you need our help for either a question or for a non-working product, please fill out the form below and our highly skilled technical service team will provide you answers quickly.

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    Customer informations


    Questions to pre-analyze the problem

    1- Is your unit under warranty? Expiry date?

    2- Setup and details of the measurement system in use (pin, ACC/APC, ʎ…)

    3- Has this device been used before? If so, how many times?

    4- Please verify the state of the end face of the output (and input) connectors; can you see any scratches or a burned connector?

    5- - If the unit possess an alarm (or warning), please inform us what type of alarm and whether it has been triggered.