Continuous Erbium Fiber Laser

CEFL : continuous erbium fiber laser familly

CW ErbiumFiber Laser

CEFL family

Keopsys proposes 2 types of continuous erbium fiber laser. Narrow or standard spectral linewidth and up to 30W, they can be used for laser trapping or atom cooling as well as OPO pumping, optical components testing, acoustic, seismic or wind sensing and much more. High quality is the keyword for these two lasers family which do not need maintenance.

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In brief continuous erbium fiber laser family

Keopsys continuous erbium fiber laser design is based on MOFA (Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier). It integrates a high-quality fiber coupled laser source, named the seeder.  Then the signal is amplified through low noise and low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) several optical stages. This design allows maintaining beam mode quality and stability over the range of output power adjustment.

The MOFA design also brings the advantage of robustness and reliability. With several optical isolators ideally placed the global laser will be protected from backlight reflexion.

Optical parameters

This architecture allows to achieve high output power with a high beam quality (M²<1.1); Keopsys provides limited diffraction beam up to 30W output power even in maintaining polarization mode.

Keopsys CW fiber lasers offer in option the ability to tune the wavelength with temperature regulation up to a range of 1000pm. Also, the central emission line can be modulated for locking purpose.

Depending on the end-user applications, there are two different types of erbium fiber lasers: standard or narrow linewidth with low RIN. Keopsys only use the best-in-class sources to seed its amplifiers.

The laser is coming as a stand-alone and wall plug device, directly monitoring from the front panel. Installation and use are easy, however, if necessary, Keopsys provides free, fast and efficient support. Each laser is maintenance free. To extend life duration, a good practice consists of cleaning the output connectors.

Special request

If our different lasers do not answer your technical needs, our R&D department will be pleased to study your requirement.