CW Ytterbium Fiber Amplifier

CYFA: continuous Ytterbium fiber amplifier

CW YtterbiumFiber Amplifier

CYFA family

Multi-stages or booster Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier, Keopsys ensure long life duration and high reliability of the devices, from the laboratory to onboard applications. The choice of the active and passive components is the key to high-performance Ytterbium fiber amplifiers. No maintenance and easy to use this amplifier family represent a perfect tool.

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In brief Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier

To achieve low power signals amplification from 1060 to 1090, Keopsys proposes a Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier.  Keopsys has designed a particular optical fiber architecture, to avoid nonlinear effects that can damage the Ytterbium amplifier. Consequently, you can run it without any stress and get more time on the other parts of your experimentation.

Optical parameters

Two bandwidth are available: 1060-1090nm and 1110 – 1114nm. With its distinct design, narrow linewidth signals (<100kHz) can be amplified even in polarization maintaining version. An embedded photodiode monitors the output power laser beam and allows to adjust the diode pump current in real time. Consequently, the output power beam is highly stable (<1%).


Keopsys takes care of our environment by choosing components suppliers in Brittany, in France, and in Europe. Thus this reduces the carbon footprint of our devices.


The Injection process is used to pump these Ytterbium amplifiers series. Keopsys also uses standard, proven pump diode to empower its Ytterbium fiber amplifiers. Thus the lifetime is extended.

They include specific optical components to avoid nonlinear effect as Brillouin scattering. Therefore, Keopsys can propose high reliability of these devices.

Ytterbium fiber amplifiers are coming in stand-alone devices directly monitorable from the front panel in a very intuitive way; or in compact and robust OEM module that can be integrated into a system, even for inboard applications. Modules can be pilot via USB or RS232.

Keopsys on purpose

Are you looking for another spectral bandwidth? Or for a higher power? Please let us know by contacting us. You will get a fast and qualitative answer, and moreover, we will be pleased to answer your request.