Pulsed Erbium Fiber Amplifier

PEFA: pulsed Erbium fiber amplifier

Pulsed ErbiumFiber Amplifier

PEFA family

Keopsys pulsed Erbium doped fiber amplifier are designed and manufactured to avoid non-linear effects even with high peak power.

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In Brief pulsed Erbium doped fiber amplifier

Keopsys was the first manufacturer to propose pulsed Erbium doped fiber amplifier. Our high level of expertises in fiber and its behavior, especially when peak power is high, allow Keopsys to design and to manufacture numerous pulsed amplifiers that are working all over the world.

One design, high performance

Keopsys developed pulsed erbium amplifier to amplify short or long pulse duration. Keopsys proposes an original design offering thus many possibilities to avoid optical non-linearity even at 1kW peak power with polarization maintaining. Narrow linewidth laser sources can also be amplified through Keopsys units. The beam quality is also an important parameter, particularly in LIDAR for wind measurement. Therefore, devices offer a diffracted limited laser beam.

Proven platforms

Some applications require strong system because of the harsh outside environment. The pulsed amplifiers are available in compact, robust and widely tested OEM modules. They can work over the widest range of temperatures with humidity and dust and keep constant all the optical parameters.

Maintenance free

The all-fiber devices are maintenance free and are passively cooled. The use of our pulsed fiber amplifiers is easy with the RS232 monitoring interface. Keopsys also propose a dedicated high skilled support team to help you for integration and give all the detail for a 100% reliability of your global system.

Specific request

Our custom department dedicated to LIDAR applications is pleased to give a positive answer to special requirements, let’s contact them.