CW Thulium Fiber Amplifier

CTFA: continuous thulium fiber amplifier

CW ThuliumFiber Amplifier

CTFA family

Keopsys cw Thulium fiber amplifier is designed to deliver up to 40dBm in maintaining polarization. Thanks to the R&D team, the Thulium amplifier is reliable and powerful.

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In brief cw Thulium fiber amplifier

With a broad bandwidth from 1900 to 2050nm, Keopsys recommends its cw Thulium fiber amplifier. To reply the increased requests for the scientific, medical and defense applications, Keopsys proposes its high power Thulium amplifier. The amplifier has been introduced and tested in a large variety of domains, such as R&D, optical scientific research.


From 17 to 40dBm, this several stages Thulium amplifier offers a high power stability. The use of single mode fiber provides an excellent beam quality (M²<1.1).The device can be random or polarization maintaining. It accepts small input power from the all different laser sources available on the market, even with narrow linewidth (<100kHz). Several optical isolators, strategically placed, ensure the protection of the device from backlight reflexion.


Keopsys robust stand-alone device adds global constancy to this amplifier. The unit can be monitored from the instinctive front panel, via RS232 interface or Ethernet for small power equipment. The device is air cooled, and, therefore the entire system is maintenance free.

When it comes in a compact and rugged OEM module, the system is passively cooled. The module can be integrated horizontally or vertically into a lot of different systems.

On request

As Keopsys manufactures its major passive or active optical and mechanicals part and controls the manufacturing process. Thus our custom department can produce a nonstandard device, especially dedicated to your technical needs. Contact us for more information; we will be pleased to answer your questions.