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Our best organization to give our customers the conviction that our devices fulfill their needs

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Keopsys Industries, subsidiary of Lumibird which manufactures Keopsys brand products, is committed to a quality approach that places customers and partners in the heart of its organization.
The implementation of such a quality approach are manifold and include:

  • The capability to understand and to fulfill the customer requirements,
  • The creation of added value with each individual process,
  • The measurement and improvement of our performance throughout our quality management system.

Our know-howand commitment

High level of expertise and competencies

Our company manufactures and sells the best high-tech fiber laser and amplifier devices that require a high level of expertise and competencies from our staff.

To master and strengthen its know-how, Keopsys quality department continuously develops the training of its employees to improve their skills and abilities to reach excellence in our product and services.


Preservation of our environment

“KEOPSYS has since its creation integrated in its manufacturing processes and practices the respect and the preservation of our environment.”

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