Frequency Converted Fiber Amplifier

CWFrequency converted Fiber Amplifier

CVFA family

Lumibird proposes1 type of cw visible fiber amplifier, based on our patented technology. Depending on your application, you will find here below the continuous visible doped fiber amplifier that will fit your technical needs.

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In Brief  frequency converted fiber amplifier

Lumibird developed patented technologies to improve pumping efficiency, reducing, therefore, power consumption and increasing lifetime. Lumibird is also a vertically integrated company consequently we control the quality of each component to improve reliability. Hence, our parts are submitted to an entrance and inline controls.

Lumibird takes also great care of the environment by trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Thus we choose components suppliers in Brittany, France, and Europe.

Optical performance

Whatever the application and environmental conditions, our devices are robust, reliable and easy to use. Our optical specifications and performance are available over the all defined optical spectrum.


Our devices are coming in compact and robust OEM modules accessible for an easy integration; or as a stand-alone unit directly plug & play. Several interfaces are available: RS232, RJ45, USB.

Customer satisfaction

At the in time delivery, a test report will ensure that all technical parameters have been respected. Our customer satisfaction is our daily motivation to propose the best frequency converted amplifier ever.

Special requirement

If in this range of frequency fiber amplifiers, you do not find the one which fits your technical needs. Please ask us; our strong R&D department can manufacture devices on request.