Pulsed Erbium Fiber Laser

PEFL: pulsed erbium fiber laser

Pulsed ErbiumFiber Laser

PEFL family

More than 10 000 units of Keopsys pulsed fiber laser are running all over the world with consistent quality and without failure. From short to long pulse duration Keopsys pulsed lasers will bring you complete satisfaction.

In brief pulsed fiber laser

Keopsys is the first company to introduce a mature and industrial pulsed fiber laser to industry, defense and environmental monitoring applications. Keopsys pulsed lasers are made with proven optical passive and active components to provide robust devices. Moreover, quality improvement program allows Keopsys to reduce the number of components and consequently to reduce FIT and increase MTBF values. Our devices are therefore long life duration.

Optical Specifications

With our three pulsed laser families, you can have access to a large selection of pulse duration from hundreds picosecond to 800ns. The particular design allows achieving high peak power without nonlinear effect even in single mode fiber. For the highest pulse energy (up to 500µJ) the use of LMA fiber ensures the stability and the no distortion effect while keeping a low-level M².

Platform parameters

The particular circular shape guarantees the robust design of the whole system. Units are passively cooled, that’s why the use of appropriate materials is necessary to ensure an excellent heat conduction over a broad range of temperatures.

To monitor Keopsys devices, we developed a homemade software which can be adapt to all other programs.

Lightweight and easily integrable, Keopsys pulsed laser answers the major technical need for 3D scanning, wind sensing,  range finding, telemetry, obstacle avoidance or airborne survey.

Dedicated to being robust

Keopsys devices do not require maintenance. They can work 24h/24 while temperatures are changing from freezing to the hottest without any lack of performance.

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