Aerospace Applications

Innovation in photonics for aerospace applications

aerospace applications

Photonics innovation: aerospace applications

Keopsys is leading a methodical strategy for aerospace applications. Innovation, quality, and efficiency are the key words to empower product roadmaps.

Keopsys believes that our future is the Space domain. The space exploration is leading the highest accurate technologies. Photonics, one of the most recent and global technology, finds spontaneously its place. Robust, reliable, low power consumption and repeatability are the major parameters that are proven on the earth and that will be essential for space applications.

Keopsys aerosSpace Applications: examples of realisations

Aerospace applications Docking on the MoonKeopsys is part of the Lunar-Resurs project leads by ESA and the Russian Space Agency.

The future mission’s goal is to prospect for usable minerals, volatile substances and iced water on the Moon, in permanently shadowed areas. These samples will be used to estimate the potential of the natural resources in the long-term perspective of a habitable base on the Moon.

The laser unit from Keopsys will be on the board of Luna 27 module. When the module will be ready for landing, the Keopsys laser will help automatically the system to land in the vertical position. Therefore the Luna 27 module will be perfectly intact for prospection.

This module will also contain a system able to drill, sample and analyze the Moon ground down to 2m depth. The collected species will be analyzed when the module will be back on the Earth.

Photo satellite - credit Thales AleniaspaceThe aim of the study was to design, manufacture and test an EBB (Elegant BreadBoard) for future broadband telecom payloads (microwave photonics section within a telecom repeater). A delta development of primary critical optical components to meet the overall system level requirements is planned.

Design, manufacturing, and test of an optical fiber amplifier engineering module (No electronic board) in space environments (low temperature, high level of vibrations, radiations 10krad).

Keopsys aerospace applications: product realizations

The space environment is most critical for active components, the use of standards is not enough sufficient to bear the harsh conditions. Therefore, Keopsys decided to propose hermetic active components which are space qualified. This knowledge allows Keopsys to offer high-quality devices. It also permits to Keopsys to control the manufacturing process and to secure production over a long period.

It also permits to Keopsys to control the manufacturing process and therefore ensure

the end user about the quality. And to secure production over a long period, in France.

Keopsys has developed a complete pulsed laser for aerospace applications. Based our reliable and compact PEFL-KULT Keopsys has perfected it for spaceflights qualification.

Integrated into an onboard launcher satellite, this device withstands the acceleration and pressure during the flight from the Earth to space.

Therefore, all its components have been space qualified according to applicable standards:

  • ITAR free
  • Radiation resistant up to 20Krad
  • Vacuum resistant: low outgassing material NASA compliant
  • Wide intern operating temperature range (-20° to 55°C)
  • Low power consumption
  • Light and compact
  • Maintenance free

PEFL-KULT-RADHARD are ideal devices for 3D scanning, telemetry or Earth mapping.