CW Thulium Fiber Laser

CTFL: continuous Thulium fiber laser

CW ThuliumFiber Laser

CTFL family

Keopsys presents in this page the innovative continuous Thulium fiber laser. Up to 30W in a benchtop or module, this laser answer the new problematics in scientific research and defense. Following the Keopsys philosophy, this laser is easy to use and to integrate.

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In brief continuous Thulium fiber laser

Keopsys proposes an innovative continuous Thulium fiber laser. The last decade brings numerous requests to Keopsys in various domain of applications: counter measures, atom cooling, lidar. Thulium fiber laser gives new solutions for sensitive or innovative applications. And it opens an extensive range of wavelengths by pumping OPO.

From 1900 to 2100nm, you can select the wavelength with a high accuracy, thanks to the Keopsys Group Bragg filters technology.

Quality drives our production management. Therefore, our Thulium lasers are robust and reliable.

Optical Specifications

The Thulium fiber laser delivers up to 30W output power. Wavelengths can be selected with an accurate spectral linewidth lower than 1nm. The output laser beam can be linearly polarized. The original Keopsys design offers a near diffraction limited output laser beam with a M²<1.1.

Platform Specifications

Thulium fiber lasers offer broad perspectives for a lot of applications. Consequently, Keopsys proposes two differents stand-alone devices and a very compact and robust OEM module.

The condensed module has been designed for very sharp environments: the operating temperature can vary from -20°C up to +65°C. The choice of material, the inside and outside design make this fiber laser robust insensitive to shocks and vibrations.

The benchtops are plug and play devices, that can be monitored from the front panel directly.

Innovation at heart

Keopsys DNA is innovation, that’s why we are glad to receive unusual requests from our customers. Thus, if you have a challenged inquiry to propose to Keopsys, do not hesitate to leave us a message.