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High performance fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers


High performances fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers

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Lumibird manufactures an extensive range of mature and custom-designed optical fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers. Main applications are:

  • Environment monitoring for LIDAR, remote sensing, time of flight or wind sensing,
  • Defense for counter-measure, illumination, range-finding or on board measurements,
  • Scientific research for atom cooling or spectroscopy.

High output powers are achieved through the use of double cladding fibers pumped by broad stripe diodes. Several varieties of pumping techniques are used each optimized for specific applications. Lumibird also develops key components for producing unique and innovative light sources.

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Compact Design

All lasers and amplifers are available as OEM module or benchtop for an easily integration.

100% Reliability

Our products are manufactured with tested components and are submitted to several inspections in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Our fiber systems are under 1 full year parts and labor guarantee. We offer a warranty extension of 1 or 2 years. Please contact us.

Maintenance free

Our all-in-fiber systems offer maintenance free operation. Countless units are continuously running in demanding environments with no failure.