CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser

CYFL: Continuous Ytterbium fiber laser

CW YtterbiumFiber Laser

CYFL family

Keopsys proposes different linewidths with its continuous Ytterbium fiber laser. Depending on your application, atom cooling, helium pumping, Keopsys can adjust the linewidth respectively. Up to 20W output power, lasers are reliable for a long period.

In brief continuous Ytterbium fiber laser

Keopsys designs, developpes, manufactures and commercializes Ytterbium fiber lasers with differents type of linewidth. The patented technology used by Keopsys allows achieving high performances and reliability for the Ytterbium fiber lasers series. For components testing, helium pumping or atom cooling, Keopsys adjust the linewidth of the continuous Ytterbium fiber laser.

General optical specifications

The output laser beam is delivered at 1064nm, 1075nm, or 1083nm (another wavelength on request) up to 20W. The fiber architecture offers a low RIN, which is a crucial parameter for certain applications like interferometry.

Fiber lasers propose options like wavelength tunability, seed tap or frequency modulation. The particular design of these lasers allows a high laser beam quality (M²<1.1).

Platform specifications

Ytterbium fiber lasers are coming in an air cooled stand-alone device that is directly monitored from the front panel. An RS232 interface is available to drive the laser from a laptop.

OEM modules are available for an easy integration with USB and RS232 interfaces. These modules are passively cooled.

With their all-fiber design, both platforms do not require maintenance. Moreover, Keopsys uses standard and proved optical components from the market, which ensure long time availability and a global robustness

Specific requests

Should you have an original asking for a particular wavelength or a specific output power. Or,  you are developing a new application, do not hesitate to ask us, our custom and R&D departments are pleased to answer.