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High performance fiber lasers and amplifiers company

Keopsys has attracted a team with a demonstrated record of technical expertise and innovation, with approximately 40% of its workforce holding advanced degrees. The company maintains successful technical collaborations with research laboratories, universities and companies around the world.

We are Keopsys

At the heart of innovation

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Industrial deployment & Work-well being



We are not only fiber lasers and amplifiers manufacturer; we can also meet your tailored technical needs with the ambition that your projects can take on its full scope.


We manufacture our fiber lasers with tested components that are submitted to several inspections during the manufacturing process, under a rigorous quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals regulations.

Industrial deployment

As amplifiers and fiber lasers technologies are now well-known, our job is to propose real, reliable, high quality and reproducible devices. Even though amplifiers and lasers are very technologically advanced devices, they are still handmade.

Work well being

Each year, employees are offered the possibility to upgrade their position in the company by having more responsibility within their work. We also encourage teamwork, so that everyone knows what each other’s job is.

Our values are…

Innovation, Quality, Industrial deployment and Work Well-being
for all employees.

KeopsysR&D Culture

Between 1997 and now

High technology

Keopsys at the heart of innovation

«Since more than 17 years, Keopsys has developed a wide range of optical fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers for a wide scale of applications. Coming from an R&D culture, the company has evolved over the years to an industrial company, encompassing innovative technologies using efficient manufacturing processes to offer high performance and high-quality products.”

Products and services

From custom to industrial products

Recently, Keopsys has strengthened its position in the field of high-tech photonics using external growth, enlarging even further the panel of products and services offered to our customers and partners. From unique highly customized products to large-scale and high-quality product manufacturing, our companies will support your needs for prototypes or integrated products.

Thanks to

partners, customers and employees

“I would like to thank our customers and partners for the confident and often long-term cooperation. My thanks go also to our employees for their involvement, know-how, and expertise to the benefit of our customers.
I am looking forward to furthering new fruitful cooperation and to bring our contribution to the next generation of optical fiber light sources.»
Marc Le Flohic, CEO


Marc Le Flohic founded OptoComm Innovation


The first product developed was a pulsed fiber amplifier at 1550nm


Financial partners invested in the company and OptoComm became Keopsys for Key Optical System


A commercial company was born in the USA: Welcome Keopsys Inc.!


First PEFL-KULT: High Peak Power Level Pulsed Fiber Laser


Keopsys obtained the ISO9001 certification


Keopsys opened a commercial office in China


Keopsys created SensUp, which sales electro-optical systems based on laser technology


In October, Keopsys acquired the assets of 3S Photonics: LEA Photonics was born!


Setup of two production lines: 2500 and 1800 pieces capacity per year!


Marc Le Flohic, Keopsys founder, and CEO, became also CEO of Quantel Group.


Keopsys And Quantel are merging for an innovative laser future

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