Pulsed Green Fiber Laser

PGFL: pulsed green fiber laser

Pulsed GreenFiber Laser

PGFL family

Lumibird proposes a compact pulsed green fiber laser emitting at 532nm and delivering high peak power. This laser is a complete tool for environmental monitoring and 3D scanning. Free of maintenance and easy to use, this outstanding fiber laser can be integrated into complex systems.

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In brief pulsed green fiber laser

Lumibird developpes and manufactures a pulsed green fiber laser. This highly reliable pulsed fiber laser is based on a pulsed ytterbium fiber laser which frequency is doubled through a thermally stabilized crystal for a high efficiency. The delivered wavelength is 532nm and can be adjusted on request.

Our quality department is permanently checking and testing components and sub-systems before the final inspection; Therefore you can be sure that our Green laser will answer your technical needs.

Optical Specifications

The output laser beam is diffraction limited and narrow linewidth. The output beam can be delivered in collimated free-space or coupled into a fiber on demand.

Up to 50µJ of output energy associated with a very high output peak power over a wide repetition rate, this fiber laser is a real tool for 3D scanning, underwater lidar, and turbid environments.

Robust design

The vibration tested compact modules can be easily integrated. They can also work over a wide range of temperatures, which is ideal for outside applications. The RS232 interface offers a lot of functionalities to drive this green fiber laser.

No maintenance

Free support, the all-fiber design allows the green fiber laser to be robust even for onboard applications. The choice of material is led by Lumibird wishes to be a major player market on environmental monitoring. Therefore these material are specially made for harsh environmental conditions.

Special request

If you want more energy or more compacity, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our custom department will be pleased to offer a fast and efficient answer.