CW Raman Fiber Laser

CRFL : continuous Raman fiber laser

CW RamanFiber Laser

CRFL family

Keopsys high-performance Raman laser delivers up to 20W at two differents wavelength with a diffraction limited unpolarized beam.

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In brief Raman laser

Keopsys manufactures a high-performance Raman laser with our reliable and patented design. A high power Ytterbium fiber laser pumps a cascaded Raman resonator with a high efficiency to deliver up to 20W output power. In lot’s of applications the RIN  (relative intensity noise) level is critical, the Keopsys laser proposes a low RIN over a broad frequency spectrum.

Optical parameters

The customer can choose in between two central wavelengths: 1455 and 1480nm. The output diffraction limited laser beam is unpolarized.  In option, the laser can be monitored in automatic power control (APC). First, an internal photodiode takes a part of the signal and then compares it to adjust in real time the diode pump current. Consequently, the output power is highly stable over an extended period.


Two different platforms are available a friendly user benchtop that you can drive from the front panel directly, or a compact, robust and lightweight OEM module with an RS232 interface for an easy integration.

Maintenance free

The high robustness of the optical architecture combines to a rugged mechanical design make this laser highly reliable. Consequently, no support is needed even for a 24h/24 working time.

A nonstandard request?

Keopsys ground is innovation, if you are interested in non-usual wavelength, please contact us, we will be pleased to answer your requirement.