CW erbium fiber laser for spectroscopy & non linear applications




CEFL-TERA is CW Erbium fiber laser delivering up to 30 W in random or linear polarization. This laser is a perfect tool for wide range of applications. It offers a cost effective and no maintenance solution. It is also straightforward to use it, thanks to the instinctive front panel; in 5 minutes you are ready to work.

This high-quality erbium fiber laser is useful for optical components testing, spectroscopy, OPO pumping or thulium laser pumping. Lumibird original conception allows proposing a cost-effective fiber laser.

Lumibird integers standard and proven optical components reducing, therefore, FIT for a high MTBF value. Quality is running the production plan, all our devices are submitted to a rigorous test program in line and at the final inspection.

The CEFL-TERA erbium laser is available in random or linear polarization and delivers a perfect diffraction limited beam with a linewidth of a few nm. Furthermore, the central wavelength can be selected from 1532nm to 1550nm. Finally, the output power can be modulated with an external TTL signal up to 10kHz.

This erbium doped fiber laser is coming in a turn-key benchtop which can be monitored from the front face or via RS232. Also, this fiber laser meets superior wall-plug efficiency of 10%.

No maintenance is needed for this high-quality fiber laser thanks to Lumibird quality management. Additionally, no installation is required, plug it, run it and forget it. However, if you need support, Lumibird team will be pleased to help you and to answer your questions.

What Applications

  • Optical component testing
  • Laser trapping spectroscopy
  • Medical (dermatology)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Nonlinear optics
  • OPO and Thulium fiber pumping

Erbium Fiber Laser Key Features

  • 1532,1535, 1550 nm operating wavelength
  • Output power up to 30W
  • Linewidth of a few nm
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Random or linear polarization
  • High wall-plug efficiency
  • Maintenance free
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