The PEFL-MIRVISION series are high energy pulsed lasers up to 500µJ. With a peak power of up to 25kW, PEFL-MIRVISION is a real unique tool for all applications like nonlinear effects, LIDAR, pointing, illumination….

Coming in a circular shape design in order to better hold the fiber and with no lost space, the PM2D or PM3D platforms have been qualified for shock & vibrations tests. Thus working in harsh environments for this laser is not a problem.

Incorporating a microcontroller for internal controls, an alarm and RS232 communication, this laser is very simple to use. An external TTL signal triggers the optical pulses for your own needs.

Its low power consumption allows it to be integrated in a system that works on a battery.

Building under the ISO:9001 process, this laser is reliable and robust and can run without maintenance for many years. Contact us or more details about PEFL-MIRVISION.


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