Thursday Feb 6, at 2.20 pm, Guillaume Canat will present “High peak power pulsed fiber laser with high efficiency based on an ytterbium doped powder sinter fiber” in “High Peak Power/High Energy Fiber Amplifiers” session.

Abstract : We report on a high-power pulsed nanosecond master oscillator – power amplifier generating high peak power based on an innovative fiber. The polarization maintaining fiber was prepared using the powder sintering technology. The 40 µm core diameter has an effective mode area close to 900 µm2. We study the bending radius influence on power conversion efficiency. For 1.6 ns pulse duration, the peak power is limited by the facet damage to ~150 kW.

Authors: Guillaume Canat, Maxime Chenou, Alain Mugnier, Paul Mouchel, Keopsys Industries (Lumibird group, France); Céline Canal, Quantel Technologies (Lumibird group, France); Romain Dauliat, Baptiste Leconte, Philippe Roy, XLIM (France)