“Paper presentation at Photonics West:
From March 10, Khmaies Guesmi will present “Simple design for high energy femtosecond tapered double clad fiber amplifier”.

Abstract: We report on a simple and robust all-fiber femtosecond MOPA system based on an optimized active tapered double-clad fiber (T-DCF). The main feature of this active medium is that the thin part, acting as a pre-amplifier, allows to propagate mostly the fundamental mode LP01, while the signal experiences an extremely high gain in the thick part of the tapered fiber, where most of the pump power is absorbed. These T-DCF properties make them particularly well suited for designing high energy CPA based femtosecond amplifiers, with a high non-linear threshold (SPM, SRS) and a diffraction limited output beam. After the compressor, we obtained pulses amplified up to 40 μJ energy, 412 fs duration and 97 MW peak power at 1036 nm. To the best of our knowledge, it is the highest peak power reported in such T-DCF amplifier in the femtosecond regime.

Authors: K. Guesmi, A. Mugnier, G. Canat, C. Canal, P. Maine (Lumibird group)