Tuesday January 31st, Khmaeis Guesmi will present “Reliable high-power erbium ytterbium codoped fiber amplifier for earth-satellite” during Photonics West, in San Francisco.

  • We report on a reliable high power fully monolithic single-frequency Er-Yb fiber amplifier designed for long distance earth to satellite communications. The source is built on three all-fiber master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) stages emitting over 35 W of output power at 1550 nm. The setup contains home-made highpower endcap and packaging for high power splices (cladding mode stripper (CMS) and input splice). Their development allowed us to become independent from commercially available components which are often incompatible with fibers used in the experimental setups, resulting in additional losses. The amplifier was used for more than 500 h over 35 W, 42 W and 49.5 W. We will discuss some critical parameters especially the mode content evolution using the spectrally and spatially resolved imaging method (S2), the pointing error, four wave mixing (FWM) and long-time stability at high power.

#FSO #WDM #spacecommunications #EDFA #beampointingerror #endcap

  • Authors: Khmaies Guesmi, Sylvain Bordais, Paul Mouchel, Quentin Coulaud, Axel Médard and Guillaume Canat

Paper on spie.org : https://vu.fr/inKE