With 25 years of expertise in fiber lasers/amplifiers technology, Lumibird offers a wide choice of systems for optical fiber communications.

❓ Looking for specific amplification band (single channel or multi-channel DWDM)
➡ our CEFA-C amplifier series matches L-Band & C-Band
➡ our CRFL laser series allows distributed Raman amplification at 1455 nm or 1480 nm

❓ Looking for high density integrated solutions and for versatility
➡ our rack platforms offer up to 10 EDFAs in one single 1U rack
➡ slots are hot-swappable for easy upgradability

❓ Looking for compactness
➡ our amplifiers are available in compact optical modules or turnkey benchtops

❓ Looking for multiple ports layout
➡ we propose up to 64 output ports for CATV applications

❓ Looking for bidirectional amplifier
➡ we have models used in optical networks for applications such as optical reference frequency dissemination

All our models have a very low noise figure and a high optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR). Some feature a polarization maintaining option.

At Lumibird, you have a large choice of robust & reliable fiber amplifiers/lasers for optical fiber communications.

ℹ For more information, a great team is available to answer all your questions
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