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Asia Pacific


Born and grew up in Beijing, after finishing her B.Eng in electronics, Yi moved to Copenhagen to pursue her further education at the Technical University of Denmark.  Fascinated by fibre-optics, Yi moved on to fibre-optical communication during her M.Sc, and since then, she has been working intensively on fibre-optic, semiconductor amplifiers and lasers, and nano-photonic devices.

As she enjoys experiencing different countries and cultures, after spending 8 years in Denmark and 2 years in Ireland, she is now in France to continue her adventure. In Keopsys, she serves as a technical support and pre-sale for China/Taiwan/Korea, and sales for other countries in Asia Pacific region. With her knowledge in optics and electronics, as well as her will to listen, you can count on her to understand your needs and provide you with integral solutions.

In the spare time, she spends her time observing the birds and all the other creatures of the nature.