CW Erbium Fiber Amplifier designed for L-Band spectrum


Erbium Amplifier with wide range for many applications

CEFA-L-PB-LP series are Erbium doped fiber amplifiers designed for single channel amplification. These L-band amplifiers deliver up to 23 dBm of saturated output power. Easy to use and monitor, this will give you time to align your other optical components.

Erbium doped fiber amplifiers of the CEFA-L-PB-LP are optimized for L-Band spectrum. They are also designed to amplify a single narrow linewidth signal. A mid-stage access output offers the possibility to add fiber component or to synchronize the system with different measurement instruments.

With several stages of amplification, the amplifiers can be seeded with low power input signal down to -20 dBm. This configuration allows also excellent optical signal to noise ratio and extremely good noise figure.

The all fiber concept from Lumibird permits the amplifiers to be maintenance free even if they are working over a long period of time.

What Applications

  • Test and measurement
  • Scientific applications

L-Band Erbium Fiber Amplifier Key Features

  • Up to 23dBm of saturated output power
  • Low noise figure
  • Low power consumption
  • Choice between turnkey benchtop or OEM module
  • Polarization-maintaining
  • Mid-stage access
  • Wide range operating temperature (-20 °C to +65 °C for modules)
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