CW Ytterbium Fiber laser for helium pumping applications




CYFL-GIGA series are Ytterbium-doped fiber lasers which emit at 1083nm. These special lasers are specially made for helium pumping applications.

Helium pumping, nuclear physics or absorption spectroscopy are some of the applications that can be achieved by this patented ytterbium fiber laser.

CYFL-GIGA series provide a wavelength emission at 1,083µm. They also deliver high power laser beam (20W).

The specific property is the linewidth of 1 or 2GHz, filled with a high number of single longitudinal modes. This allows consequently to achieve high pumping efficiency of gas atomic transition.

The system integrates a master oscillator that can be continuously tuned over 100GHz and can be modulated for locking purposes. The oscillator is then amplified by a high power fiber amplifier up to 20W.

Therefore, at 1083nm, the laser can overlap 3He transition C3 to C9 as well as 4he D0 to D2.

It coming into a friendly user 3U benchtop. All necessary controls for setting output power and wavelength are located on the front panel.

What Applications

  •  Medical imaging
  • Nuclear physics
  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Wavelength conversion

Ytterbium Laser Key Features

  • Output power up to 20 W
  • 1083 nm standard wavelength
  • 2 GHz linewidth
  • Wavelength tuning up to 100 GHz
  • Random or linear polarization
  • Excellent SMSR
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Robust and reliable
  • Turn-key systeme
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