CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser for laser spectroscopy




CYFL-TERA series are Ytterbium-doped fiber lasers providing an output power up to 20 W. The Lumibird optical architecture permits to deliver a diffraction limited output beam suitable for spectroscopy. Manufactured with a rigorous quality management, this laser is reliable and a cost effective solution without maintenance.

Spectroscopy, laser trapping, interferometry or optical tweezing are among the application that can be met with the CYFL-TERA lasers series.

These ytterbium fiber lasers provide an output power of 20W with a linewidth of few nm. This Ytterbium fiber laser design gives an excellent power stability over a long time even if the outside temperature is not stable.

CYFL-TERA are also available in random or linear polarization with high polarization extinction ratio (up to 25dB) which is a critical criterion for interferometry.

The Lumibird particular design allows providing a perfect limited diffraction laser beam. Moreover, the output power can be modulated with external TTL signal up to 10kHz.

These Ytterbium fiber lasers are the most efficient ones with a wall-plug efficiency of 20%.

The fiber lasers are available in turnkey benchtop for laboratory environments.  CYFL-TERA is reliable over the long term. It is easy to install and to use: plug it, turn the key and get your laser beam.

Lumibird standard production line manufactures the CYFL-TERA where each step of its production is controlled. In the end, a final quality test authorizes the fiber laser to be delivered.

The all design fiber prevents all misalignment. Thus the Ytterbium fiber laser device doesn’t need maintenance.

What Applications

Efficient Ytterbium Laser Key Features

  • 1060 to 1090 nm operating wavelength
  • Output power up to 20 W
  • Linewidth of a few nm
  • Diffraction limited output beam
  • Random or linear polarization
  • High wall-plug efficiency
  • Maintenance free
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