[CVFA] Frequency converted fiber amplifier for scientific applications


Frequency converted Fiber Amplifier

The CVFA series are frequency converted fiber amplifiers designed for CW operation at 5XX and 7XX nm and deliver up to 1W of saturated output power.

CVFA are based on MOPFA design using an external seeder and several fiber amplifiers
stages. Fiber amplifiers are isolated both at input and output. The signal is frequency
converted using periodically poled crystals integrated in a highly reliable dust free single
pass frequency conversion module. Models are available with narrow linedwidth seed
source amplification option (<10MHz).

These products are available in user-friendly turnkey benchtop instruments or in modules.
They integrate all the laser safety features required for a safe and reliable use. These
amplifiers embeds a loss of input detection to turn off the amplifier stages in case of external seeder failure.

What Applications

  • Quantum optics such as Bose-Einstein condensate
  • Optical tweezing
  • Atomic laser interferometry
  • Formation of cold molecules
  • Metrology

Frequency converted Amplifier Key Features

  • Frequency doubled or tripled conversion
  • Single frequency option
  • 1W out of single mode fiber
  • Very low phase noise and RIN degradation
  • Excellent OSNR
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Linear polarization
  • Maintenance free
  • Turn-key operation
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