Frequency converted Fiber laser

The high performance design of the CVFL-KILO lasers is based on high stability laser diode or fiber laser microcavity which are amplified by fiber amplifier stages and then frequency converted with single-pass periodically poled crystals.

For the most demanding applications, the CVFL-KILO platform integrates wavelength locking input, monitoring output and optional mid-stage access.

The CVFL-KILO high performance design uses embedded air-cooling to provide exceptional high wall plug efficiency. This robust architecture provides industry leading performance which is insensitive to both ambient temperature changes and environmental vibrations.

The high reliability of CVFL-KILO’s integrated components ensures a long lifetime without any maintenance or preventive service (no realignment, no need to clean optics,…).

The laser might be controlled by using touch-screen interface, or Ethernet control software
or TTL signals.

What Applications

  • Atom cooling and quantum optics
  • Formation of cold molecules
  • Entangled photon generation
  • Optical tweezing
  • Metrology

Frequency converted laser Key Features

  • Rubidium, Potassium, Ytterbium,CaF,.. cooling lines
  • Single frequency fiber laser
  • Output power up to 1W out of single mode fiber
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Excellent SMSR
  • Linear polarization
  • Very low phase noise and RIN
  • Wavelength tunability
  • Laser frequency modulation
  • Maintenance free
  • Turn-key operation
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