CW Thulium Fiber Amplifier



CW thulium fiber amplifier designs for remote sensing and others applications

Thulium fiber amplifier is designed for scientific and sensing applications between 1900 and 2050nm. CTFA-PB series deliver up to 40 dBm of saturated output power with a weak input range signal. The design allows proposing wide or small wavelength range. Manufactured for demanding environmental conditions, the device is robust and reliable.

The Lumibird thulium fiber amplifier is suitable for gas sensing, atomic cooling, remote sensing and much more. Lumibird manufactured this fiber amplifier with the same rigorous quality management as for mass production erbium fiber amplifiers. The equivalent design allows reaching full wavelength range without a gap, or very narrow one for dedicated applications like atomic cooling.

Built with a pre-amplifier, the CTFA-PB amplifiers series achieve an excellent output optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) with a saturated output power of 40 dBm. A wide wavelength range is available from 1900 to 2050 nm. The use of a single mode fiber guarantees a high beam quality which is a key factor for sensing applications. These devices are also accessible in random or polarization maintaining.

The all fiber Lumibird technology allows the CTFA to be robust, reliable and maintenance free. Lumibird lead a policy of FIT reducing and therefore use standard and proven optical components.

Coming into a turnkey benchtop or in compact OEM module, they can run 24h/24. The CTFA-PB doesn’t need installation. However, Lumibird provides free support for your first start or integration.

What Applications

  • Remote sensing (LIDAR)
  • Gas sensing
  • Optical component testing
  • Test and measurement
  • Research & development

Thulium fiber amplifier Key Features

  • Up to 40 dBm of saturated output power
  • Broad bandwidth from 1900 to 2050 nm
  • Choice of wavelength range
  • Eye-safe operation
  • Preamplifier built-in for good OSNR
  • Polarization-maintaining (optional)
  • Choice between turnkey benchtop or OEM module
  • Diffraction limited output beam
  • High reliability
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