CW Thulium Fiber Laser for defense applications




Lumibird designed an innovative thulium fiber laser delivering up to 30W output power in random or linear polarization. Compact, robust or on purpose packaging design, Keopsys provides high-quality devices. Created for defense applications, CTFL does not need maintenance. Keopsys is also proposing support for its first integration.

Lumibird patented technology and knowledge’s permit to provide this high-quality thulium fiber laser. Made for defense, laboratories applications, the high power fiber laser is available in lots of different packaging on request.

The use of monomode fiber allows thulium fiber lasers series are providing a high beam quality, near Fourier Transform, which is useful when the application requires to collect data or for OPO’s pumping.

Choose your wavelength! We engrave Fiber Bragg’s Grating, so that, we can propose very special centered and accurate wavelength. Hence supplying is cheap and easy, and quality controlled.
Lumibird develops its electronic boards. Thus CTFL-TERA can be modulated with an external TTL signal up to 10 kHz.

These thulium fiber lasers propose high reliability, excellent robustness with no optical part to align thanks to the fiber.

Lumibird thulium fiber lasers are all fiber designed. Therefore, there is no need of maintenance; lasers can work 24h/24 and 7d/7 over an extended period.

Two formats available: compact OEM module or friendly stand alone device, both form are easy to install and drive. No installation is requiring. Nevertheless, Lumibird provides free support for your first integration.

What Applications

  • Medical,
  • Optical pumping,
  • Lidar,
  • Nonlinear effect studies,
  • Plastics material processing,
  • Defense
  • counter-measure

Thulium Fiber Laser Key Features

  • Large choice of wavelength from 1900 to 2100 nm
  • High output power: up to 30W
  • Linear polarization available
  • Compact module
  • Plug & play benchtop
  • High beam quality
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