Pulsed Erbium Fiber Amplifier for wind monitoring




PEFA-EOLA stands for Pulsed erbium amplifier creating for wind monitoring applications. These eye-safe amplifiers are designed for long pulse operation ideal for heterodyne LIDAR systems. Highly robust and reliable, the fiber amplifier unit can be integrated into complex systems and can work in harsh environmental conditions.

Wind monitoring, Aerosol detection are accurately measured with the Lumibird maintaining polarization pulsed fiber amplifiers.

PEFA-EOLA series are designed to be polarization maintaining amplifiers and for long pulses operation. The output beam is diffraction limited to have a near gaussian-beam.

With a pulse energy up to 110µJ (and more on request) and pulse duration from 200 to 400ns, the PEFA-EOLA amplifiers series are essential to get accurate measurements.

Wind monitoring needs devices with high performance. Therefore Lumibird developed its electronic boards and optical components to perform low RIN devices. With a single mode laser beam associated to a low RIN, it offers to a system to get far (more than 10km) and precise measurements, reducing therefore uncertainties.

Lumibird chooses reliable and standard components from European suppliers. First, it ensures the supplying chain; then it permits to reduce FIT and so to increase MTBF; finally, reduce the delivery time and carbon footprint.

Compact, robust and vibration tested the OEM module can be integrated easily and provide long life duration. There is no need for installation. However, Lumibird provides a free support helping you to acquire good practices with fiber devices.

What Applications

  • Aerosol detection
  • Wind monitoring
  • 2D/3D wind profiler
  • Weather monitoring
  • Pollution monitoring

Pulsed Erbium Amplifier Key Features

  • Eye-safe 1545 nm operating wavelength
  • Energy per pulse up to 110 µJ
  • Peak power up to 360 W
  • Pulse duration from 200 to 400 ns
  • Pulse repetition frequency from 10 kHz to 20 kHz
  • Polarization maintaining
  • Fourier transform limited linewidth operation
  • Diffraction limited or M² < 1.5
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35 °C to +65 °C
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