Pulsed Ytterbium Laser for 3D scanning



Pulsed Ytterbium Laser compact and rugged for 3D scanning

PYFL-KULT: Pulsed Ytterbium Laser delivering high peak power and high energy per pulse from a very compact package. These lasers are ideal tool for range finding or telemetry whatever the outside conditions.

3D scanning, telemetry, supercontinuum generation, mapping and much more applications are achievable with this compact and rugged pulsed ytterbium laser system.

PYFL-KULT stands for Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser KULT. Kult is the Lumibird developed’s platform which integers optics and electronics. Also, the circular platform is unique, and vibration tested in compliance with Defense standard (MIL-STD-810).

The pulsed fiber laser provides an output diffraction limited laser beam at 1µm; this is an added value for 3D scanning applications. And it also meets a high peak power of 25kW with pulse duration range from 1ns to 50ns and a broad choice of repetition rate.

Platforms of different size are available with either analogic or digital controls. And pulses can be trigger with an external TTL signal for a  very flexible work.

These ytterbium pulsed lasers do not need maintenance. Devices can operate over an extensive period under demanding environmental conditions. It can be vibrations, shocks or fast changing temperatures; the PYFL-KULT will provide stable and repeatable laser emission.

Devices are comfortable to use and monitor, however, Lumibird proposes support for the first integration.

What Applications

Pulsed Ytterbium laser Key Features

  • 1064 nm operating wavelength
  • Energy per pulse up to 25 µJ
  • Peak power up to 25 kW
  • Pulse duration 1 ns to 50 ns
  • Pulse repetition frequency from 5 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Continuous or burst operation
  • Linear or random polarization
  • Diffraction limited output beam
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature range (-35 °C to +65 °C)
  • Compact and rugged module
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