Continuous Raman Fiber Laser for distributed Raman amplification

CRFL Raman fiber laser Series


CW RAMAN FIBER LASER for distributed raman amplification

CRFL Raman fiber laser provides high output power up to 20 W at 1455 and 1480 nm. The diffraction limited beam is unpolarized. Lot applications are achievable with this fiber laser. The high-quality manufacturing process permits to proposes a reliable and robust fiber laser, even for harsh environmental conditions of use.

A Raman fiber laser can be used in many different applications as distributed Raman amplification, remote EDFA pumping or Telcordia fiber optic components testing. Lumibird patented architecture is offering high optical efficiency and high beam quality.

The principle of operation involves utilization of a high-power and a compact ytterbium fiber laser source to pump a cascaded Raman resonator. Then the high conversion efficiency is achieved from the fundamental pump laser to final Raman Stokes.

CRFL provide up to 20W output power at 1455nm or 1480nm. And the output diffraction limited beam is unpolarized. Also, a high stability is performed thanks to the high-level quality conception.

Raman lasers are reliable and maintenance free, they can work continuously over an extended period. Lumibird choose the best components and submits lasers to a complete tests program to ensure that they are conformed to the datasheet.

Finally, they are available in turnkey benchtop format for laboratory applications or in compact OEM module for an easy integration. No installation is required, however, if needed Lumibird proposes on request a free support for the first integration.

What Applications

  • Distributed Raman amplification
  • Remote EDFA pumping
  • Pump splitting architecture
  • Fiber optic component testing

Raman Fiber Laser Key Features

  • High-output power up to 20 W
  • Standard 1455 or 1480 nm operating wavelengths
  • High-efficiency frequency conversion
  • Excellent power stability
  • Unpolarized output light
  • Benchtop or module available
  • Maintenance free
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