Single Frequency fiber laser for atomic cooling




Single frequency fiber laser delivering high performance. Lumibird CEFL-KILO series lasers are specially designed for applications which required a high precision such as LIDAR, atomic spectroscopy, atom cooling. The MOPA system provides low RIN and high power. With no maintenance, this fiber laser will offer comfort and accuracy.

Lumibird proposes a single frequency fiber laser with low RIN and low phase noise to match applications which are needed ultra high precision as atom cooling, acoustic or seismic sensing, optical tweezing and much more…

Based on an MOPA design, it integers a single frequency and narrow linewidth laser source which is then amplified through several stages amplifiers. Lumibird amplifiers architecture allows keeping the seeder properties whatever the output power.

The single frequency fiber system embedded several isolators to ensure stability and security versus backlight reflection.

CEFL-KILO series are available from 1 to 15W CW output power with an ultra narrow linewidth (down to 1kHz).

The single frequency fiber laser can be thermally tuned in wavelength, and its central emission line can be modulated for locking purposes.

CEFL-KILO is available in EOM module for integration applications or user-friendly and stand-alone benchtop for laboratories experiences.

The system is manufactured with great care, and Lumibird team uses standard optical passive and active components to increase reliability.

Finally, the fiber laser does not need installation, however, on request Lumibird will offer free support to its first start.

What Applications

  •  LIDAR
  • Acoustic or seismic sensing
  • Atom cooling,
  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Optical tweezing

Single Frequency Fiber Laser Key Features

  • Narrow linewidth
  • Single longitudinal mode
  • Operating wavelength from 1545 to 1565 nm
  • Output power up to 15 W
  • Ultra low phase noise and RIN
  • Excellent SMSR
  • Wavelength tunability (optional)
  • Laser frequency modulation (optional)
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Random or linear polarization
  • Maintenance free
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