CW Erbium Fiber Amplifier : C-Band High Power



Continuous Erbium Fiber Amplifier for scientific applications

CEFA-C-BO-HP is a CW Erbium fiber amplifier, designed for single channel amplification. It delivers up to 42 dBm of saturated output power with a high beam quality (M² <1.1). This standard fiber amplifier is robust and reliable and doesn't need maintenance.

An erbium fiber amplifier finds its place in a very wide range of applications like remote sensing, tests, and measurements, nonlinear optics… Lumibird manufactured high power erbium amplifier since 1997. Thus CEFA-C-BO-HP beneficiate from all Lumibird experience and knowledge to be performant.

CEFA-C-BO-HP series are designed for single channel amplification in the C-Band. They deliver an output power up to 42 dBm with a high laser beam quality (M²<1.1), which is essential for sensing application, or for focusing through a lens.

Also,  the series include polarization maintaining models and narrow linewidth amplification without any non-linear effect. The amplification does not affect the input signal linewidth thanks to Lumibird particular design. The output power laser beam is stable either for short and long.

Based on a unique layout, CEFA-C-BO-HP series are the cost effective solution to amplify seed sources with minimum power above +5 dBm. This is achievable by the use of European standard optical components and thanks to our proprietary design for Lumibird electronic boards.

Finally, they are available in user-friendly benchtop instruments or compact OEM modules for an easy integration. Without installation, CEFA-C-BO-HP finds its place in the laboratory quickly. Nevertheless, if you request, Lumibird offers a free and fast support.

The wide range of operation makes these erbium fiber amplifiers suitable for many applications.

What Applications

  • Optical component testing
  • Remote sensing (LIDAR)
  • Test and measurement
  • Microwave optics
  • Non-linear optics

Erbium Fiber Amplifier Key Features

  • Up to 42 dBm of saturated output power
  • Polarization-maintaining
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Benchtop or OEM module versions available
  • Very compact OEM module (up to 30 dBm) available
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability
  • Cost effective solution
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