High Gain Erbium doped Fiber Amplifier for metrology


High Gain Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier with for optical metrology applications

The Lumibird CEFA-C-HG is the only High Gain Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier designed to amplify very weak optical signals. Its specific and patented design allows the amplification without a hot point. Whether in benchtop or in OEM module, the high gain fiber amplifier is reliable.

Quantum cryptography, optical metrology, tests, and measurements are among all applications that you can reach with this high gain erbium doped fiber amplifier. Unique and patented optical architecture, this fiber amplifier offers a viable solution where low power is involved.

CEFA-C-HG is a very particular fiber amplifier designed for one channel amplification. Lumibird high gain erbium doped fiber amplifier aims to amplify very weak optical signals (-50 dB). The design is also beneficial for the noise figure level which is very low (near quantum-limited).

Moreover, amplified spontaneous emission is limited in profit to the optical signal-to-noise ratio, thanks to its precise design.

Polarization maintaining is available in either 40 dB or 50 dB gain model, with an excellent polarization extinction ratio.

Finally, these CEFA-C-HG series are available in friendly user benchtop which can be driven directly from the front face or via RS232 or with RJ45 with SNMP protocol. Compact OEM module is also available. Thus the high gain fiber amplifier can be integrated into a lot of different systems.

Whatever module or 1U benchtop, no installation or maintenance is needed. The all-fiber design is robust and can not be misaligned.

What Applications

  • High sensitivity optical preamplification
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Optical metrology
  • Optical remote sensing
  • Test and measurement

Key Features

  • High sensitivity with very low input power (- 50 dBm)
  • High small signal gain up to 50 dB
  • Near quantum-limited noise figure
  • Polarization-maintaining (optional)
  • Choice between turnkey benchtop or OEM module
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