CW Erbium Fiber Amplifier L-Band High Gain


L-Band high gain amplifier designed to amplify very weak signals

The Lumibird CEFA-L-HG is a L-band High Gain Amplifier dedicated to metrology or quantum cryptography applications.

L-band high gain amplifiers are dedicated to scientific applications.

The CEFA-L-HG amplifiers series are Lumibird patented design to amplify very weak signals down to -40 dBm.

Amplified spontaneous emission is limited in profit to the output signal to noise ratio. A near quantum-limited noise figure and a small signal gain greater than 50 dB are achieved thanks to the particular design of the devices.

The amplifiers can maintain the signal polarization with a perfect polarization extinction ratio.

The amplifiers are proposed in turnkey benchtop instruments or compact OEM module. All our devices are free maintenance, no optical part to align.

The cooling aspect is managed by air-cooled fans in our benchtop and by conduction with our OEM modules.

What Applications

  • High sensitivity optical preamplification
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Optical metrology
  • Optical remote sensing
  • Test and measurement

L-Band high Gain Amplifier Key Features

  • High sensitivity with very low input power (- 40 dBm)
  • High signal gain up to 50 dB
  • Optical bandwidth from 1570 to 1607 nm
  • Near quantum-limited noise figure
  • Polarization-maintaining (optional)
  • Choice between turnkey benchtop or OEM module
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