Single Frequency Ytterbium Fiber laser for scientific applications



Single Frequency Ytterbium Fiber Laser for scientific applications

CYFL-KILO stands for Ytterbium fiber laser with kilohertz linewidth. The series provides a longitudinal single mode and frequency output laser beam. These lasers series deliver up to 20W with low phase noise and low Relative Intensity Noise.

Lumibird ytterbium fiber laser is manufactured for scientific applications as interferometry, quantum optics, metrology, atom trapping. Lumibird uses its knowledge and high-quality manufacturing process to produce a stable and reliable narrow linewidth fiber laser.

CYFL-KILO: Ytterbium fiber lasers are based on an MOFPA design. Therefore, they integrate an ultra low noise and narrow linewidth seed (<70kHz) laser which is amplified through several stages of a highly stable ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier. Also, these lasers can be thermally tuned in wavelength over 200MHz, and their central emission line can be modulated for locking purposes.

The narrow linewidth fiber laser provides an output power up to 20W with an excellent power stability. The laser can be monitored by pump diode current or with the output power value (APC option) thanks to an embedded large dynamic photodiode.

Different central wavelengths are available in standard, 1030nm, 1064nm, 1083nm, and others on request. The ytterbium fiber laser can be randomly or linearly polarized. For applications like atomic trapping, or interferometry where a linear polarization is needed, then the CYFL-KILO polarization is highly stable.

Reliability and maintenance free are defining this single laser. Coming as an entirely integrated turnkey benchtop, which can be driven directly from the front face. The systems offer different controls mode either from the front face or via RS232.

No installation is required as the fiber laser is easy to use, however, on request Lumibird provides support for its first start.

What Applications

  • Quantum optics such as Bose-Einstein condensate
  • Optical tweezer
  • Atomic laser interferometry
  • Formation of cold molecules
  • Nonlinear optics (SHG, OPO)
  • Metrology

Single Frequency Ytterbium Fiber Laser Key Features

  • Narrow linewidth
  • Single frequency laser
  • 1064 and 1083 nm standard operating wavelengths
  • Output power up to 20 W
  • Ultra low phase noise and RIN
  • Excellent SMSR
  • Wavelength tunability (optional)
  • Laser frequency modulation (optional)
  • Diffraction limited output
  • Random or linear polarization
  • Maintenance free
  • Turn-key operation
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