Bi-directional Fiber Amplifier for metrology



Two bi-directional fiber amplifiers in one rack

This bi-directional fiber amplifier is a totally new amplifier concept from Keopsys. Based on Erbium doped fiber, one 1U / 19” rack contains 2 bi-directional amplifiers. With all connexions from the front side, this is an ideal tool for metrology frequency dissemination.

CEFA-C-BD is a real bi-directional fiber amplifier. Therefore, both directions of the laser are traveling into the same optical fiber. With Keopsys unique design, both ways are amplified equally.

Lumibird uses components and especially the injector for a high pump efficiency. This component allows Lumibird to reduce the pump power diode and therefore increase the lifetime duration of the complete system.

Lumibird fiber technology offers no maintenance and air cooled system.


Our stand alone rack is easy to install and to use; all connections are on the front face: USB to an RS232 converter, SHH supervision and Ethernet with SNMP V2 and more classically from the front panel.

Amplifiers standard dimensions (19”) and 1U high permit to integrate it into mostly cabinets.

The robust design of the rack offers great reliability over an extended period.

Optical performances and applications

Amplifiers are designed for weak input power range (down to -60dBm), and low noise figure. Thanks to this, CEFA-C-BD is useful in many applications such as optical reference frequency dissemination, telecom…

What Applications

  • Very high-speed data transmission and communication
  • Two-way optical frequency comparisons
  • Optical reference frequency dissemination
  • Temporal variation of fundamental constant
  • Optical clock comparison
  • Relativistic geodesy
  • Navigation

Bi-Directional Fiber Amplifier Key Features

  • Two bi-directional fiber amplifiers in one rack
  • C-band
  • Up to 5 dBm of saturated output power
  • Homogenized pumping of the gain media
  • Ease of integration in a telecom network
  • Low power consumption
  • Low input power range
  • All connection via front face
  • Low ASE
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