[PYFL-PICO] Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser with picosecond pulses



The PYFL-PICO is a picosecond pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser operating at 1064 nm, with a 100 MHz pulse repetition frequency and ~ 50 ps pulse length.

The laser can be used as a seeder for high-energy amplifiers in applications such as material processing. The compact laser module can also be integrated into confocal microscopy and Raman spectroscopy systems.
The 10 µm LMA output fiber provides a diffraction-limited beam with excellent beam quality M² < 1.1 perfectly suited for these applications.
For a quick setup, the short-pulse laser is delivered with an interface cable and easy to use control software.
The module incorporates a microcontroller, for internal control and alarms, with RS232 communication making this laser widely compatible.
The all-in-fiber design requires no maintenance.

What Applications

  • Seed laser for high energy amplifier
  • Material processing
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Raman spectroscopy

Ytterbium Fiber Laser Key Features

  • 1064 nm operating wavelength
  • 100 MHz pulse repetition frequency
  • 50 ps typical pulse duration
  • Linear polarization
  • Diffraction-limited beam
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