Fiber Laser for Defense Applications

OEM fiber laser modules for defense applications -Keopsys company
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The fiber laser: broad defense related applications

The fiber laser has been used and deployed on the battlefield thanks to its compacity and lightness. In the last few years, the laser has begun to have broad defense-related applications.

The fiber laser’s unique properties, including small size and weight, high energy efficiency, temperature insensitivity, ruggedness, operational mode flexibility, high brightness, and eye-safe operating wavelengths make it a perfect choice for the replacement of other lasers in legacy systems and also opens new vast areas of application.

Keopsys fiber lasers are currently deployed in systems used by individual soldiers, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones, and robots.

Keopsys Fiber Laser for military applications example of realizations

Keopsys provides an ultra compact system including active and passive optical components. The aim of the module is to answer two functions: Illuminating and pointing.

The use of particular optical components allows the system to provide high power density over a large illumination surface. Then, it permits to have a large a far vision.

Pointing function uses our patented technology to provide a low divergent laser beam.

The global package is robust (DO 160G, MIL-STD-461F certified) and lightweight and low power consumption which allow the system to be used on a drone or helicopter.

Keopsys proposes an eye safe and high energy pulsed erbium fiber laser  PEFL-MIRVISION, to help aircraft trajectory to land on an aircraft carrier. The laser is robust (MIL-STD-810F) and resistant to humidity (IP22) and manufactured with SURTEC 650. *

All passive and active components are designed to be military proven. Therefore the FIT of this laser is low, and MTBF is more than 50 000h under Naval Unsheltered – Pont at 45°C.

This fiber laser provides 400µJ with a pulse repetition rate of 50Hz over a pulse width <100ns, with a good beam quality.

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Choose between a continuous wave or a pulsed fiber laser

This fiber laser’s small size and low power supply requirements allow the device to be operated by individual soldiers, small UAV’s, and small robotic vehicles for range finding, remote sensing, IFF, secure point-to-point communication, and real-time mapping and imaging.

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Other military applications include the use in designators for smart weapons, defensive countermeasures against heat-seeking missile threats and destructive weapons against fast moving targets.

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